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17 Jan 2019


SEO Tips and Tricks to promote website 2019

If you're looking to enhance your blogger aka blogspot rank and make it better throughout search engines then these 5 basic SEO tips will surely help you up! make sure not to touch anything else without knowing it because that may effect search engines to stop indexing you or prevent them completely!

Read a step and follow it step by step !

I believe Blogger is a very good platform for blogging but as compare to WordPress handling of SEO services is hard here, therefor I wrote this small documentation on how to boost up your blog and how to promote your website through SEO tips and tricks in 2019 to keep search engines indexing you, some SEO tips and tricks for website are mentioned below !

Table of content:

  1.  Website Domain.
  2.  BLOG Headings.
  3.  Meta Tags and Search Description.
  4.  Crawlers and Indexing.
  5.  Monetization.

    Website Domain:

    I believe having a unique and meaningful name is worth to be a domain name, as per domain having a domain name which is keyword means(exact words to be search on google by majority) is a great advantage!

    First of all when you purchase a domain name for your blog I suggest you that find good keywords that match your blogger niche means(blog topic) and amount of letters must be in between 5-15 for a perfect SEO filtered name!   

    BLOG Headings:

     Blog headings are the main part of any content, they describe what the paragraph below it is about like above heading describes what are we going to talk about in this paragraph! In SEO services we use H1 for titles and H2 for body headings!
    • Click on theme from left of the dashboard of your blogger and click on theme
    • Click edit theme and press CTRL + F for search bar
    • Now search H3 and replace every H3 with H2 then click save theme!


    Again go the dashboard and click settings from left bar and here click search preferences!

    SEO 2019

    Here you will find META TAGS on the top of page just opened, this contains maximum of 150 words but they are more than enough, here give a brief description about your blog that truly describes your blog.
    • It helps search engines to index you when someone type same key words you put in that box.
    • It also enable the option of search description in post settings, type the best keywords here to boost your post.
    SEO 2019


    Now, on same page you can see heading of Crawlers and indexing
    • Enable Custom Robots.txt and copy data below in that portion and save changes.

    User-agent: Mediapartners-Google


    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /search
    Allow: /

    Sitemap: https://www.worldtruesight.com/feeds/posts/default?orderby=UPDATED


    • Enable Custom Robots header tags and set changes and describes below and save changes.

    SEO 2019


    Enable Monetization(if you're using GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNT FOR ADS) below on the same page and paste the following code below!

    REMOVE THE XXXX and paste your publisher id


    google.com, pub-XXXX, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 


    google.com, pub-XXXX, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

    That's all the basic you need to do for your blogger aka blogspot, make sure to comment below what you think about this post! 😊😊 

    22 Dec 2018

    Assembly Language


    To Print a star Pattern in assembly we use Nested Loop such that ecx register controls the outer or parent loop and ebx register controls the nested or inner loop.

    The provided code will ask for a user input. Such that it will ask the user to enter a number and the program will  print a star pattern according to user's entered number.

    Complete Documentation => SOURCE CODE

    If you find any query regarding the provided code then you are free to ask in the comment section.
    THANK YOU ☺️

    21 Dec 2018


    The Venn Diagram: When Jon Venn first envisioned his new diagram’s future, he surely couldn’t have expected it to be popular more than a century after he created it. However, it has stood the test of time and has remained a popular diagram for showing correlations between different aspect of a subject or even different subjects entirely. Even in today’s modern world of 3D imaging and greatly advanced technology, the Venn Diagram has a firmly cemented place in many people’s daily life.

         The provided Code works on classes. And apply Polish notation Algorithms. (ie infix to postfix conversion + evaluation)


    C# Visual Studio

    This code will first convert the given Infix Expression to Postfix using STACK and then evaluate it to give the Shaded Region.

    Kindly watch this VIDEO 👇 for better understanding , Hope this video helps you

    This video credits belongs to respected owner
    we don't own this video!
    If you're the owner of this video and wan't us to remove just comment below thank you.


    You can also make the Diagram of your own choise. The only change you have to make is in the arrays behind the Calculate button.
    C# Visual Studio
    If you find any Query regarding the provided Code then you can ask in the comment section
    Thank You 🙂

    TIC TAC TOE in ASSEMBLY 8086 Processor


    Tic-Tac-Toe is a two-player game with two symbols denoting the two players: X and O. The playing board is a 3x3 square.
    The rules are as follows:
    •  Each player takes a turn placing his character (X or O) into one of the nine squares.
    •  A player cannot place his symbol in a square that is already occupied by a symbol.
    •  The game ends when a player creates a winning combination of his symbols or when there are no empty squares remaining.
    •  Winning combination is defined as three horizontally adjacent, three vertically adjacent, or three diagonally adjacent symbols
    •   If neither player creates a winning combination when all nine squares are occupied, the game is a draw, often referred to as a "cat game."


    Implementation of TIC TAC TOE in Assembly is a little bit harder than other Programming Languages.The provided code will work in Three Levels :
    • Easy  ( 3x3)
      TIC TAC TOE in ASSEMBLY 8086 Processor

    • Medium (4x4)
      TIC TAC TOE in ASSEMBLY 8086 Processor

    • Hard (5x5)
      TIC TAC TOE in ASSEMBLY 8086 Processor
    Such that the number of Rows and Columns increases with the increase of Level.

    If you find any query regarding this code.then you are free to ask in the comment section

    29 Oct 2018


    Added On: 29 / 10 / 2018


    I don't own this app or anything, I'm just spreading this app across Pakistan,If you have any trouble regarding this just tell me I will remove this content, there is no need to report us thank you!
    All right goes to respective owner!
    Before you really get into it and go through all the details the major thing you need to know is this app only work across all Pakistan or people abroad with Pakistani nationality means CNIC of Pakistan!

    Our New Tab Labeled As Mobile World, So I thought I Must Have To Come With Some Interesting Post!

    How to win?

    STEP 1: Download this app from link given below

    STEP 2: Open app and register yourself, along this they will ask you for a referral code you can type [ truesight ] their without brackets, whenever someone comes through your referral they get lives means if your answer for question is incorrect you will loose a life and will stay in game cause of that live, so it will be appreciated !

    How to earn money online

    STEP 3: Game time and amount will be displayed at your TRIVZIA app screen so wait for the time and just give them right answers!

    This is the screenshot of app for my account, I've earned this in a day with wrong answer too, so according to this in a week you can get around 550 easily for a ten minute game!

    How to earn money online


    2 Oct 2018


    Added on: 2 / 10 / 2018


    This is a database connected and object oriented programming based project, I believe if you're downloading this file you know exactly how data base works and how queries work, well to make it run, you have to create one database and two tables with desire parameters in you're SQL Server and give them name as given in this project to compile and match it successfully.

    All code is done by ME, you can have it for your personal uses!

    Download link: CLICK ME !

    1 Oct 2018

    How to download any video from youtube in mp3 or mp4

    How to download any video from youtube

    Added on: 1/10/2018

    Having trouble downloading any youtube file ?
    looking for youtube downloading software ? 

    Here, On WORLDTRUESIGHT you can easily download any video and have much more functions available on EASY DAILY TIPS.

    All credits goes to respected owner of this website !
    I don't have any ownership to this website, I don't claim any credit even! If you're the owner of this website please comment below and I will remove this content!

    Convert and download from You-Tube, CLICK ME ! or www.onlinevideoconverter.com

    STEP 1 
    Open link,Select first option!

    How to download any video from youtube

    How to download any video from youtube
    STEP 2
    Select format and paste your link here!

    How to download any video from youtube

    How to download any video from youtube
    After this click the START button and a small process will be held, then click the download button that will be generated!
    Enjoy,Share 💗