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21 Dec 2018

TIC TAC TOE in ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE x86 Processor [ Source Code ]

TIC TAC TOE in ASSEMBLY 8086 Processor


Tic-Tac-Toe is a two-player game with two symbols denoting the two players: X and O. The playing board is a 3x3 square.
The rules are as follows:
  •  Each player takes a turn placing his character (X or O) into one of the nine squares.
  •  A player cannot place his symbol in a square that is already occupied by a symbol.
  •  The game ends when a player creates a winning combination of his symbols or when there are no empty squares remaining.
  •  Winning combination is defined as three horizontally adjacent, three vertically adjacent, or three diagonally adjacent symbols
  •   If neither player creates a winning combination when all nine squares are occupied, the game is a draw, often referred to as a "cat game."


Implementation of TIC TAC TOE in Assembly is a little bit harder than other Programming Languages.The provided code will work in Three Levels :
  • Easy  ( 3x3)
    TIC TAC TOE in ASSEMBLY 8086 Processor

  • Medium (4x4)
    TIC TAC TOE in ASSEMBLY 8086 Processor

  • Hard (5x5)
    TIC TAC TOE in ASSEMBLY 8086 Processor
Such that the number of Rows and Columns increases with the increase of Level.

If you find any query regarding this code.then you are free to ask in the comment section


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