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23 Sep 2018

How To Find Instance Name In SQL Server Management Studio Issue Fixed!


SSMS DIRECT LINK: CLICK ME ! ! [Don't want to do such steps? get resolve with this Microsoft product]

I found a lot of posts/content related to this topic but the issue is not being resolved so I decided to create a post because I found the working solution for this problem !

NOTE: make sure your SSMS is installed correctly !

If you are looking for your instance name of management studio or server name or you can't access anymore your SQL server, read this carefully and implement.

There are two things you need to know which causes you this problem!

The SQL services are sometimes being put to stopped automatically so turning it back to running it will work for you!

If this don't work for you then you have to set your SQL services to automatic from disabled from services in settings.

Keep reading I will show you how it gonna happen !


Procedure of finding instance name in SQL server Management Studio
  • Search SQL Server Configuration Manager and click on SQL Services in that
  • After that, right click on the SQL Server Browser and click Start
  • Restart your machine and open your SQL Management Studio and you will find your instance name!

Can't Start the SQL Server Browser? You can't click on it? 


  • Search SERVICES and open it here go and find for all SQL Services
  • Open SQL Server Browser here, by right click on in properties it will be disabled, just select automatic and go back to SQL Server Configuration Manager do the FIRST THING and give a restart, ENJOY !


PIC #1
How to find server name in SQL server

PIC #2

How to find server name in SQL server

PIC #3

How to find server name in SQL server

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