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22 Sep 2018

How to Print Emoji Using Python

How to Print Emoji Using Python :

To print Emojis in Python, first you have to integrate your VS code with GitBash.
How to  Integrate VS code with GitBash ? 
Follow the link below ,

Then you need Unicodes of Emoji . You can find uni codes on ,
Emoji Python

Copy any of your favorite Emoji's Unicode & paste it in your VS Code File .Like ,
Then, Replace (+) with 3 zeroes and add BackSlash in the start of unicode.
Emoji Python

How to Display Emoji in GitBash ?

  • First change the directory by writting cd D : //  
(If you want to move it in D drive, you can also move it to F or E drive)

  • Then create a Python file by using touch Emoji.py
(.py Extension for Python file & touch is a command for creating file .)

  • Write code Emoji.py to code. Code by using the above instructions .

(Emoji is the file name. You can give any file name of your choise)
  • Write python Emoji.py  to display output
Emoji Python

 Print more Emojis ,
Emoji Python



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